Whether you’re up all night writing the perfect screenplay, making tough decisions from the director’s chair, or leaving it all on the cutting room floor, craft is the heart of filmmaking. Submit to any of our craft categories to be judged by the industry’s top professionals. 


Take a look at the wide variety of genre categories, choose which one best fits your film, and submit your work to be judged by top industry film professionals. 


One Screen winners come from all over the world. Entrants can submit films by region, and compete to be the best in their corner of the globe.
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About the Applicant

One Screen applicants come from all over the world. One Screen is open to everybody in the filmmaking and advertising community, or beyond. If you’re an up-and-coming filmmaker or breaking into the advertising world as a creative director, One Screen wants you!


Not every project is a solo effort, and that’s usually the case in this industry! However you must be one of the principal creatives on the short you enter into One Screen. You’ll be expected to outline your role in each project, as well as credit your collaborators. WARNING: don’t exaggerate or embellish your role, or run the risk of being disqualified.


Each entrant must provide a brief bio of 200 words or less.

About the Work

One Screen applicants must submit a final, working, compressed version of their piece; work may be professionally done, university projects, personal passion projects, or any mixture of the above.


The work can be made between 2020 and 2022 to include those who were unable to submit anything during the pandemic / due to the festival not happening in 2021.


One Screen welcomes those with a passion for filmmaking or advertising, either in its creation or in its impact in the creative world. Shorts submitted can be professional work, student work, personal projects, or a mixture of them all.

They can be from 2020-2022, and can span across mediums. Is it live action? Animated? AR/VR? Submit it! In short, we’re looking for whatever best demonstrates your unique mastery and understanding of filmmaking and production — a true representation of your talents.


Each submitted project must contain a working, compressed, final version of your project. This must be submitted in .MP4 format.

Additionally, each project must be accompanied by the length of time, a listing visual (whether it be a creative thumbnail or an elaborate poster), a brief written description, an explanation of your role as a primary creator, and any additional credits for your collaborators.